Saturday, December 15, 2007

Britain's National Trust Gardens Show

How do people find time to blog??? I think of things that I want to get in here most every day but haven't sat to type them in over a month!


I am trying to find some information on the web here and cannot find it. This really frustrates me because I am typically REALLY good at finding any info I need pretty quickly on the Internet.

I watched a television program at least once that featured gardens that are managed by the National Trust in Britain. Basically, I want to see if and when more will be televised so I can set the dvr up to record them. I cannot find any reference to these shows anywhere. I cannot remember what channel it was. My first guesses were hgtv, aetv, pbs, bbc but I don't seem to get a hit.

I am pretty sure that the last show I saw was about Hidcote Manor Garden.

I've visited the National Trust organization's site already and the aforementioned cable stations to no avail.


Update--> 12/22/07--> I found it because I am watching another one right now! It is an on going Discovery HD Theater series called Treasures of the Trust or National Trust Gardens.
Amazon has a good selection of books and dvds available.

Check out their selections on: National Trust Gardens
Gardens of the National Trust

Houses of the National Trust

Kingston Lacy Next Showing: February 13, 2009 9am

Biddulph Grange Garden Next Showing: February 20, 2009 9am

Visiting formal gardens, castle, and estate homes is a real treat for me. Since it is not feasible for me to do this often, I devour any television that I can that feature them. I also own some books with photos but the cost of them all is a bit prohibitive as well. It just doesn't seem practical does it?

The local estate garden I've visited in the Richmond area twice now is the historic Tuckahoe Plantation in Goochland County. I've visited it in the Spring during Virginia Garden Week.

I know I need to get to Maymont. It just hasn't happened yet. Another recent garden tour had been the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, NC when we vacation in the Outer Banks. We should be able to make it to the Biltmore Estate in the next year or two. We considered it last year when we went to the North Carolina zoo for a quick Fall vacation, but decided that Eddie was too young to be able to appreciate it. a.k.a. We would be insane to try and take a toddler there.

I used to LOVE the arts and entertainment A&E program America's Castles that ran in the 90's. I don't believe that they still run the shows but they do sell many DVD sets of the series. Amazon has a good selection of books and dvds available on the subject. Check out their selections
My recent search on the Arts and Entertainment store site gave me 65 hits!! I did buy the A&E Home video titled America's Castles Grand Plantations awhile back, probably on ebay but it is still in the plastic wrap. I need to make some time to watch that one day instead of my dvr recordings of my current favorite network shows Cane, House or Desperate Housewives!

I'm also starting to (finally) get into watching the Food Network. Paula Deen's new Christmas show Paula's Party with the Dinner Impossible guy, Robert Irvine, was HILARIOUS!! I say finally because it seems most everyone I know has been watching it for quite awhile now. Besides, when I say I am watching it, anyone who knows me means that means it is running in the backgrund as I do other things but I did watch most of Paula's party becuase it was making me laugh.

I don't like Rachael Ray though. Not exactly sure why but even her voice annoys me?! Some might say it's because her show replaced Ellen last year in the 11am time slot here on the local network? :-)

Merry Christmas you all. I need to go start wrapping some presents!

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