Thursday, May 22, 2008

April Garden News

As of Sunday 4/13, the forsythia and red tip photina are done with their yellow and red bloom. The white dogwoods and red azaleas are now in full bloom. The Irises I have are on the verge of blooming.
I mowed the grass for the second time this season. The prolific wire grass or bermuda grass is finally turning green. Now it doesn't look like a third of our front lawn is dead. UGH! We also got the fertilizer / weed killer down.

I did pick up a few new plants at the Herb Garden and the Mustard Seed farm in Hadensville. I planted a new columbine in the butterfly garden.

My peony has a bud this year. Hooray! Finally! I think this is its 3rd year and it's not bloomed yet. The lilac also bloomed this year for the first time. The blooms were big, beautiful and very fragrant. They just don't last long enough.

I would love to create a parterre. I'm not even sure exactly where or how large but I figure I need to come up with an alternative to the germander English boxwood that would be ideal if I wanted to wait for those slow things to grow. By the way, I only recently learned what a boxwood squared garden is called, a parterre. It will take some planning to get it right but certainly worth it. I currently have mostly oval gardens and to me, the more formal gardens are squared. So here, we have another conundrum.
I also want to get some plans for a wooden obelisk. I would like to use them for the honeysuckle that I planted along the outside of the pool fence that is turning into a groundcover of sorts. It needs some support. I see metal obelisks sold and wooden ones in photographs in gardening magazines. I understand that the wooden ones may not handle the weather over a long period but I want the wooden ones, not metal if I have a choice. Wood can be treated. Perhaps cedar or acacia wood or maybe even some kind of plastic wood alternative material like Trex could be used.
We have a bird’s nest in one of the tall ornamental grasses by the stairs so we will not cut them down yet. In the end, we saw the eggs, then the babies, and then one day they were gone. Now we have a bird nesting in the house nesting box on the tree between Painters and us. We also have a bird nest with eggs in one of my porch hanging container baskets.
The college’s white apple tree blossoms are out. Those poor trees are so sad looking. It seems like they were a horticultural class experiment gone bad.
A big question these days is what the wild purple flowered tree is growing wild along the roadsides seemingly all over Central Virginia. Is it lilac? Is it wisteria? Is it that royal Princess Paulownia tree? I guess we are assuming they are wild wisteria. When I’m sure, I’ll let you know!
We also still need a plan for the grape vine. We had been thinking of horizontal training as vineyards do. Original idea was to make a canopy like we had at Norton but we now have a wisteria arbor very close to it so there may not be room for it. It may be out of place; poor planning on my part.

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