Thursday, May 22, 2008

April's End Brings a Major To Do List

  • Need to find homes for all the red hot pokers that I've potted up from dividing the behemoth plant last fall.
  • Divide and replant some of the columbines - bloomed weekend of 4/26
  • Mark Iris colors with yarn so know what colors they are when I divide and relocate. Bloom sequence has been dark purple, then lavender, then yellow.
  • Add new columbine and divisions of existing columbines to side butterfly garden based on Longwood pictures.
  • Plant perennials in daylily garden on hill instead of annual seeds this year. Possibly raise the daylilies to a raised garden in their existing location to give height. The variety I have are kind of short.
  • Plant the daffodils that are in pots. I quickly potted up some bulbs in the winter when I felt it was too late to get them in the ground. Now that they've bloomed, I'll bury them and see if they come back next Spring or not.
  • Lift daffodil bulbs that are in straight line in front garden and reposition in groups.
  • Plant new Abraham Darby outside gate swing-side replacing one of the many dead simplicity roses.
  • Remove and eventually replace ALL of the Jackson & Perkins dead and very sick simplicity roses.
Mailbox Garden needs work.

Bigger Projects
  • Mulch - Weed Control - Mulch
  • Grape Vine Control
  • Wisteria Control (Have 2)
  • Honeysuckle Control
  • Divide and relocate humongous yucca
Thin out shade garden

slope EROSION control on hill right of fence: terrace? dry creek bed? plantings?

New Trees:
  • Kwanzan Cherry Tree?
  • Dogwoods?
Let's check my posts at the end of the Summer and see how much gets done!

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