Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mid May Musings

Still need to buy some cleome spider flower plants. I love them and want at least 3. They never reseed for me except maybe a tiny weed looking thing and I've had no luck with starting my own seeds so I just always buy the plants. I hadn't seen them on my earlier nursery trips. Need to get out again. There was a patch of cleome in Monmouth Junction between a church and a mini mall that was just gorgeous and seemed to reseed itself every year. I wonder...

My 2 hill gardens are still unplanted. It's late. I should have done it weeks ago. I have the seeds. They were both tilled and now all the weed seeds have sprouted again so I either need to start hoeing or get that tiller running again. MUST do Memorial Day weekend or I'll never have my sunflowers and zinnia.

Saw parterres of firepower nandina at Virginia Beach last weekend. They really looked good. Maybe that's what I can try...

Our redbud looks real healthy although it never bloomed red buds. I do want to stake it again upright because it is growing at a 45 degree angle!

Need to research and get advice on pruning the plum out front and the oak out back. With some of the serious heavy rains we've had lately, the poor plum tree almost flattens out on top and I realize it may have too many branches splitting off the central trunk. I hate pruning trees but I know it has to be done.

It is getting impossible (again) to mow around the trees. We need to remove the grass around the trees (again) and get some of those fiber tree mulch circles?

Need to move the god-awful yellow iris away from the peach ones. The color combination just turns my face sour.

Lift and divide iris as soon as recommended.
Did I miss the window on pruning the lilac?
Why did my peony only put out 1 bloom? I guess I should be happy it even had 1. It was its first and only.

Ideas for stone wall, corner permanent hardscape for nonchalant place to sit.

What are these seedlings? Cedar? They are everywhere!!

Never got to dividing the grasses. Maybe we can still try but it'll be some job. They are huge.
Dig trenches around flower beds and fill with stone to prevent the creeping weeds & grass.

How are we going to get control over the weeds around the fence atop the retaining wall.

I think that my summer phlox has a competing weed that looks so similar I am still not sure if it is a weed or phlox. This happened to me last year too. Maybe now that I have some reference photos, I'll know sooner next year.
I have taken tons of reference photos of the landscaping and gardens this Spring. Mostly to highlight the negative so I can try to remedy some difficult areas and correct some errors in judgment on placement.

My oleander finally made it outside. It was the last of my tropicals that over wintered indoors to get out. Not for any reason other than it is real heavy and looked good where it was. It will get much healthier again outside this summer. It has been blooming in the house but the blooms have been real pale pink while they are a red outside. I bought it as a standard at Strange's a few years back. I've not been the best at pruning it and it is not as cute as it was when I bought it. I'd love to be able to propagate some of it so I can experiment with growing it outdoors year round. I know that it is unlikely that it could survive in our zone (6b/7a) but I'm up for trying! It is all over the Outer Banks as a landscaping plant but they have a milder climate than we do.

These plants of mine are INVASIVE and should be on your
do not plant list if you want a tidy garden. I have mixed feelings about them so far in my gardens. I'm trying to use then in more and more containers so I can pull the excessive offspring and do something with them besides throw them out. I'm also happy to give away as much of it as you want as long as you do not hold me responsible for it overtaking your house!
The 1st picture is creeping jenny. I hate this one the most.

chameleon plant

As you see, it is choking my Irises and traveling around the fence to the left and invading my shade garden to the right.

pink evening primrose - Heidi warned me about this when she first saw me plant it. Now I know why. It is such a pretty shade of pink. I will try to contain it.

This one I don't know the name right now, so I'll call The Harding Hypertufa Throwaway. It's spreading everywhere. It is a sedum; I just assume there are many varieties.

Passion Flower - I think I may have finally eradicated this one. I will miss the gorgeous flower but will not miss that sinking nightmarish feeling that it will envelope the house at some point. It started coming up 50 feet from where it started! Who knows how far its runners were spread.

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