Friday, July 11, 2008

July Summer Flower photos

I snapped some photos last night here in Goochland Courthouse, Central Virginia, to try and record the bloom patterns in the yard. The current color is from a number of varieties of Rudbekia's that I am accumulating little by little. Otherwise known as Black Eyed Susan's.

I have alot of volunteers from a plant I had last year that I had started from seed. I have been digging them up and giving them proper homes in containers and closer to other groups.

I also have a variety of perennial gladiolus,

oriental lilies, pink roses,

and daylilies

and more daylilies,

Hollyhock, cleome,

and don't forget the coleus

and zinnia

and container plant combinations,

just because they are annuals!

Next week, some of the canna and another susan variety should be blooming.

We've had thunderstorms with enough rain over the past week or s that the lawn may actually need to be cut for the first time in 2 weeks. The only reason our grass doesn't turn brown these days is because wire grass or bermuda grass is overtaking the fescue. It will be close to impossible to irradicate so it may be here to stay.

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Nancy said...

Great Pictures--my flowers seem to peak in spring with the azeleas and camelias, then irises, and come middle of summer everything goes into hibernation. Nice to see somebody's garden does well this time of year.