Thursday, July 17, 2008

July Summer Photos #2

These are more pictures from the same day as the previous post. After I walked the yard and re- read my post, I realized there was quite a bit more I needed to log. This is a special orange lily that I need to find the name of. I put it in last year and I love it. The flower unfurls every morning and the leaves look like Iris.
* Update * This is a blackberry lily or leopard lily (belamcanda chinensis)

There is the blooming purple butterfly bush (buddleia) in my butterfly garden. I also need a better photo! Here are my sad crape myrtles.

Then there is the oleander tree standard that I overwinter in the house. It is also a late bloomer outside but well worth the wait. It takes the spot of the Iris that were blooming at the gate. I want to try and get some oleander to survive our winters here. It is highly improbable. They fare well in the Outer Banks as a landscape shrub but it probably couldn't happen here. Regardless, I am rooting some now and will experiment!

I tried something different this year with the mailbox garden. I think I like it!

I also think the front porch looks nice right now.

The backyard by the pool is certainly a colorful place as well.

However, please do not look too closely for weeds. I have more weeds than I have time to pull them! I also have some plants that I bought and never found a real home for like the blue summer daze.

We haven't had any success with hardy bananas so we keep them potted and store inside for the winter months. The plumeria has not bloomed yet but it should within the next few weeks. We try to make the area tropical looking.

Mid July is probably the most colorful time in our yard. Most everything has come into its own and looks pretty nice. There are still some plants that will bloom in the next month but some of the others will start looking a bit forlorn. Offhand I am thinking of the oriental lilies, shasta daisies, iris foliage even if fanned.

By the way, this site traffic meter that I just added yesterday is amazing to me. I am getting hits to my blog from all over the world! Cool! I wish I had added it in the beginning.

Enjoy your day!

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HarryJack's Mom said...

Oh, Colleen, your flowers are just beautiful! (insert bowing smiley) It makes me tired just to look at all of them, tho, and makes me think of all the work I should be doing ;-)