Sunday, August 31, 2008

Planning a Garden Full of White Flowers Only

The view of the white roses en masse when we visited Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens back in July is still in my mind. It has me trying to design the perfect white formal garden of my own for next year. I will need to collect some white roses of course. Other than that, I will incorporate the different white flower varieties I currently have in my garden and add others. The plan is only in its infancy but I will make some notes here to start.

Unfortunately, I don't even see that I have a picture of the group of roses. Strange. But here are two.

I plan to go to their Fall Plant Sale this year Fri Sept. 19 10-6 or Sat. Sept. 20 9-3. I'll do my best to get there Friday during the day to beat the rush.

Here are some photos of the whites I currently have, albeit not together in one place.

Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)

The scent is described as a complex, exotic, sweet, floral.

I have 3 plants. I had one that was not flowering for me. I divided it into 3 pots early spring and they are all three now blooming in late summer.

I think it is better than the gardenia and plumeria although the three are very similar in that there is nothing like it.

This is one of the main flowers used in Hawaiian leis. It is certainly the choice for a fragrant lei along with the plumeria, another favorite of mine. I don't know that you can buy one locally but there are plenty available mail order.

White Oleander (Nerium oleander)

This photo was taken at Captain's Landing on Ocracoke Island, NC in August. I have an oleander standard that I overwinter inside but it is pink.

They are a common landscape plant on the Outer Banks but I cannot imagine that I will get then to live year round outside here. Our zone is different. I have successfully rooted some recently so maybe I will experiment. You never know.

White Gladiolus

Gladiolus Callianthus

Abyssinian gladiolus, Peacock Orchid, Sword Lily

I cannot recall if this beauty bloomed in the spring and is reblooming now or if this is its first bloom. It is so delicate and dainty. It is not a common glad. It is more orchid like in its form.

White Cleome or Spider Flower
Cleome 'White Queen' (cleome hassleriana)

This is an annual and it does self seed to produce new baby plants the following year. I typically buy a few plants each year to get the size I want.


I originally meant to add this to the baskets on my front porch that have the hybrid version, Calitunia. But it looked so nice in this shallow handmade hypertufa pot made by Bill so there it sits.

It is such a hardy heat tolerant plant that blooms beautifully all season. It is certainly a plant I cannot do without. This one has been pretty self sufficient as far as watering goes as opposed to the baskets of calitunia on teh front porch. However, this calibrachoa is in a much shadier spot that does not get the full sun like the baskets do. They need to be watered every day without fail. Twice in the height of summer.

Of course there is my clematis that is about to set its final blooms for the year.

I have some trillium that come up late winter. I should get some more.
I have some lily of the valley, I could move some of them in. They are not thriving as I was used to on Norton Road but they may just need more time.

Our Datura are white at night.

I don't know if I will include any of my Shasta Daisies since I'm not that happy with their short bloom time .

Some ideas for the garden plan.
Spring * Summer * Fall * Winter
white hyancinth bulbs,
bellflowers (campanula persicifolia 'Alba')
Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis alba)
columbine (aquilegia dove)
peony (paeonia)
white flowering dogwood tree,
snowball bush (viburnum opulus 'roseum)
I think the silver lace vine is what I took a picture of at LG.
white morning glories
narcissus (a.k.a. daffodil)

white hollyhock and white foxglove and white lupine

I know I cannot have every white flower, shrub and tree that we can think of or it will be too chaotic. I need to choose carefully.

Since my first thought was roses, I need to look for a white knock out rose.

I would love to hear your comments, especially if you have a reference book or website for me to help with my white color scheme garden.

9/3 update:
I did pick up a bag of 5 Galanthus Nivalis bulbs, more commonly known as common snowdrop. They are supposed to naturalize over time which will be nice. I'm just not sure if I have any planted yet.

I also picked up a discounted white
salvia (I already have a red). Now I only need to pick the place...


Victoria said...

A white garden would be gorgeous! Definitely make sure to include roses. Dogwood trees are beautiful as well, as you already know, haha. Good luck with your garden!!!

Jess said...

White daisies, I admit,must be my simple favourite.
Little but a field of curly white roses would compete with a lawn littered with little day heads!