Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eiffel 65 - "I'm Blue" Da Ba Dee Da Ba

Blue Daze (Evolvus glomeratus)
typically opens in the morning and closes by afternoon unless it is a particularly overcast day and then it may keep open all day. I love the color of the flowers and make sure I buy at least one every year. I haven't had success with it as a houseplant but will keep trying different spots in the house.
It blooms for me all season from the day I buy it until... I guess the first frost. If it we were in a warmer zone (8-11), this could grow as a perennial shrub. But as a zone 7, this blue beauty is on my annual list of annuals to buy.
I am tempted to place a standing order with a company like Mischel's Greenhouse's out of Michigan since I now have a list of of annuals on my must have list every year for building hanging baskets, containers and adding to certain ground areas. Rather than trek out to the various garden centers for plants that I am certain to buy, I can use that time for other tasks that I can't seem to get to. My list could go on forever starting with the grape vine and one of the wisteria really need some attention but that's a whole 'nother post.

I did not get my blue plumbago in the ground yet. It's a bit late as it probably won't survive the winter either. But it is blooming its beautiful blue!

I believe I've posted pictures of my blue agapanthus / african lilies when they were in bloom.

I'll look for some new photos of the next set of my plants and update this post later.

Here is one of the many blue morning glory plants around the yard today 9/28.

The Johnson Blue hardy perennial geranium / cranesbill is starting to come around again and hopefully will be back in bloom soon. It is in such a hot spot that it only blooms in the cool spring and cool autumn temperatures. IN NJ it bloomed for me all season. I really need to move that poor baby too.

I plant forget me not seeds when I remember and they are a gorgeous blue as well but they don't seem to come back for me here in VA. In NJ they did and they semed to thrive better.

My Jack Frost Brunnera is such a pretty plant. Problem is that it has been getting smaller every year. Maybe it's all that (DO NOT PLANT) creeping jenny (INVASIVE-DO NOT PLANT) choking my shade garden?? At some point I guess it will just not come back and/or I need to get working on destroying that horrid moneywort mess (DO NOT PLANT). This is a current pic. They bloom tiny blue forget-me-knot like flowers in the Spring.

The Jacob's Ladder is pretty in Spring as well.

The Georgia Blue Speedwell Veronica looks gorgeous in Spring with its blue flowers but suffers in the summer (shown at left).

I typically put my annual and perennial flower seed order in with Johnny's Selected Seeds out of Maine. Whether I start the plants indoors or direct seed, I find that there are many plants that are worth planting from seed.

Light videos of the day.
You listen up, here's the story about a little guy...
that lives in a blue world...

Now if I'd quit blogging about my gardens, I could get outside and plant these fall annuals I bought last week to replace the tired portulaca / moss rose and other things at the mail box.

Have fun!


merc3069 said...

Great idea, that, song titles and all;-)
SO nice to see you today. We'll have to try to get together soon.

Missy's Blog said...

I am always amazed at your flowers ... and I'm so lucky I get to see them in person today!