Saturday, September 27, 2008

In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday - unknown

"Be less discouraged,

more determined,

less distracted,

more present,

less me,

more we."

The quote is an excerpt of the words of the voice over for a new ad for Toyota. It was created by New York based Dentsu America. More about them here: Media Post Publications Marketing Daily Tues Aug 12

It is one of the very few television ads that has caught my attention enough to have me look away from my newspaper, magazine or computer. They are running it a lot on the History Channel like tonight while Super City: New York was on. Great show by the way if you have any interest in The City.

The photo is a passion flower (passiflora) in our garden. The passion flower was used in traditional medicines as a "calming" herb so I hope the photo does this post justice. I found this Medical Reference on it interesting as well.

Then I stumbled across a gardening website that I will need to peruse often:
While there I found an interesting article titled "How To Be Present In Your Own Life" and then "The Ethical Precepts and Philosophical Tenets of Zen Buddhism" as a link off of that site. These 2 are references that I will save here for Debbie when she gets Internet access.

The Garden Digest site has a HUGE page titled:
Quotes for Those that Love Gardens, Gardening, and the Green Way which just has way to many for me to read today but I do love almost every one I've read so far.

The photo is one of our cosmos right before its flower bloom opening. I need to get out there tomorrow and see if I can shoot a good picture of some of the open ones now that they are finally in their glory. Every summer I question why I bothered with the cosmos seeds because they are not growing and blooming. Then mid September comes and they remind me by giving the final garden floral flourish and they continue until first frost.

The cosmos were pretty this morning. 9/28

For those looking for the musical reference today. I've added Howard Jones' UK debut single from 1983 "New Song" to the playlist. The verse: Don't crack up, bend your brain, see both sides... Ring a bell?
Full lyrics here.


HarryJack's Mom said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! The words, the wonderful pictures - great job! Happy weekend :-)

Colleen Wms said...

You are too kind. :"> Thank you. I hope you enjoyed some of the links as much as I did creating this post. @-)

Missy's Blog said...

You passion flower is exquisite ... it looks so delicate!

I will definately be visiting some of the links you've shared.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


merc3069 said...

What beautiful photos! Wow! Can I plese, please, please invite myself over?!

Missy's Blog said...

You tried it ... I love your new background!