Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn Song

Autumn in Central Virginia is not always evident to me. I still have plenty of blooming plants and nary a red maple leaf in sight. I've come to learn that unless I want to skip right over Fall, I need to really look for it. The Northeast, where we are originally from, cast no doubt on the season change.

If only by the fact that 102.7 WNEW let us know that Rocktober was here! "WNEW-FM ROCKS Cyndi in Gum Spring with..."

I did buy 3 pumpkins at the Walmart and planted a few kale, cabbage and perennial sedum Autumn Joy.

I already have more perennial mums than I care for.

We don't get the same blue asters I loved up north but I think I'll stay ;-) Here are some more photos I took yesterday around the yard.

Orange Canna
Knockout Rose - Pink:
Purple Ice Plant:

and once again, the white gladiolus callianthus:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shameless Plug For My Child's Fundraising for school...

Here is a shameless plug for one of the current fundraisers being done for my child's school, Goochland Elementary.

They are taking orders for Virginia Diner Peanuts which are not only tasty treats for you but make the most awesome gifts especially for out of state family and friends. I know because I sent many gifts up North last year for Christmas gifts and I heard no complaints :-) .
They also make great company logoed holiday gifts and can be personalized with your business information.

You can view the catalog and even order on-line by going to :
1) Go to
2) Select the items you would like to add to your shopping cart.
3) When finished, click the “Shopping Cart” tab on the upper right of the page.
4) Click Select Region. Select Virginia – All Other
5) Select the Organization – Goochland Elementary PTA
6) Type the participant’s name – A. Williams

Contact me with any questions or visit the Goochland Elementary / Specialty Center PTA website that I have been administrating: for other information.

There are also a bunch of FREE MONEY activities that the PTA does to purchase equipment and supplies and enrichment programs for the students.

Check the Free Money section of the blog for details on collecting Box Tops for Education, Campbell Labels, Tyson Foods Bag Tops, Registering your Food Lion, Kroger or Target card to benefit the school.

These are all things that only need your time, not your money. Especially, if your child will be attending the Goochland Public School system, you could start helping the school now!

Thanks for putting up with me on this! (and consider ordering some peanuts ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Everything that happens will happen today

David Byrne and Brian Eno have a new album.
Click here to sample it.

Comedy is not pretty... - Steve Martin

Anyone who missed it and would appreciate the humor of it all, here is a link to view last night's SNL parody of the VP debate.

No matter who you want to win the 2008 Presidential election, please do not forget to VOTE! If you are not registered yet, deadlines are rapidly approaching. This is a link I found that lists the deadlines to register by state:
Virginia's deadline to register is tomorrow: Monday October 6

The United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God Bless America.