Thursday, November 6, 2008

Freeze Warning: Get those tropicals inside!

Sunday, October 19

we heard the news that a freeze warning was in effect for our area. This seemed a bit early and I knew it could be the end of the coleus and cosmos which are always my first annuals to succumb to the cold. So I spent some time that afternoon photographing their last hoorah.

I also knew it was time to get the handtruck moving the tropicals from around the pool to the garage. This includes a few different sized pots of plumeria, a hardy banana, the oleander standard, 2 different ginger plants, 2 containers of variegated spiral ginger, my gardenia.

It was a difficult day for me. All things considered, it still looked so alive out there and I had to put it all away.

I left the 2 pots of alstroemeria and the bougenvellia outside for now. The alstroemeria are suffering but they suffer indoors as well so I'll take a chance for now. This year I think I'll cut them back pretty severely before they come in.

I also have quite a few other house plants and smaller container perennials that live outside in the summer gaining strength for the winter inside like my tuberose, a spider plant, a couple of different succulents, 3 ferns I picked up at the Pottery over the summer, a few amaryllis, paperwhites, and others I cannot think of their names right now.

We also decided to collect some of the remaining tomatoes, peppers and some flowers to bring inside.

The few nights of light frost didn't kill much except the annual wizard mix coleus that are always the first to go. The coleus and zinnias held up a little longer but are finally shot.

We closed the pool the weekend of the 25th because we were going to be away the following weekend and I guess it was time :-( It's not that we could still swim in the 60 degree water but it sure looks beautiful when it's open.


merc3069 said...

Glad to see new pics!

Missy's Blog said...

Your pool is absolutely gorgeous ... I agree though 60 degree weather is far too cold to swim.

I love seeing pictures of your different plants. Do you keep the tropicals in the garage all winter? Do they do well there?

Colleen Wms said...

Some plants ultimately wind up in the house and others stay in the garage. Some, like the plumeria should go dormant anyway.

Besides, I need to delouse them first before I bring all their bugs into the house! Plus I need to make room!

Hopefully they all survive. They don't thrive but they will come back with a vengeance once they are back outside in the spring. Is it spring yet??