Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We had a picture perfect family of four Thanksgiving Day. I couldn't have wished for anything better.

Our tradition includes the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from 9am - 12 noon with a little eggnog. This year we tried a pumpkin flavored with a bit o' rum. So so tasty! Sans alcohol for the kiddos.

We firmed up some plans for some new lower carb recipes like a Miracle Mashies that was recommended by Merrie that used more cauliflower than white potato. We also tried the dlife version of sweet potatoes with a little Splenda added. The fresh green beans stir fried in olive oil and garlic with a little breadcrumbs were tasty. Once the butterball was in the oven, the house was smelling great.

I also admit to a little on-line shopping. While Black Friday is the official kickoff to the holiday retail shopping season, I believe this coming Monday, aka Cyber Monday, is supposed to be the kickoff to the Internet holiday shopping season. I think it is quickly starting to become Thanksgiving Day itself. I just love Amazon. They have some of my money.

After dinner, we watched some fun movies from the Movie Gallery. We watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a family and then Get Smart after kids in bed. I recommend both. But then again, I picked them both out! Get Smart was just as good as I had hoped if not better. There is no better actor than Steve Carell to play Maxwell Smart. Indy was as expected and that is very good.

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