Sunday, November 9, 2008

Missing the New York Times and The Voice

Alright all you book bitten readers out there. I just placed an amazon and an ebay order for some books I've recently read reviews on that have piqued my interest.

Unlike most of you, I rarely escape into a book, I read books to learn something new. I know, boring. Fiction's just not my thing.

So let's go.... have any of you read or have interest in reading with me:

Mother on Fire: A True Motherf%#$@ Story About Parenting!
(2008) Sandra Tsing Loh

Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There
(2000) David Brooks

For the kids I got:
Big Words for Little People (2008) Jamie Lee Curtis

I also got yet one more 2009 calendar:
"Monet's Passion: The Garden at Giverny 2009 Engagement Calendar" which will look beautiful in the kitchen, especially through the dreary winter.

The Sandra Tsing Loh book intrigued me based on a few articles and excerpts I've read recently.
From an article on

"Many of us turn to public schools because we really don't have a choice. Everyone has been outpriced. Because the generation before us, those dreaded baby boomers, they swiped the Visa and left nothing behind. It was like strip mining. They took what they could and left nothing for the rest. Not that I blame the boomers, but why not? Let's blame them! They stopped the war, then they worked at corporations, and they were done -- and they still think they've saved the world. But in terms of public education, many of them left a blasted landscape behind.
Now you have these children in their 40s going, you know, it may be time to do this legacy a different way. I think it is.
It's like we've forgotten how to think communally.
And I think that goes back to the public school thing, where on one affluent block, in Los Angeles, every morning about 7 a.m. you see the four Lexuses and Range Rovers bolting out of the driveways and going to four different private schools in four different remote parts of the city. If they each just went to the corner public school and took one year of tuition -- $25,000 a year -- and put it into that school for one year, that would be $100,000. That school could buy a new gym, and everyone would save so much money -- you'd save gas, you'd save the planet -- if people just looked around and started thinking a little more communally rather than competitively. And we may have to do that in these apocalyptic times."
Another interesting reference was from The Atlantic magazine article:

describing "How a pushy, Type A mother stopped reading Jonathan Kozol and learned to love the public schools". Written by Sandra.

And then an article in the St. Petersburg times: 'Mother on Fire' wants best public school education for all kids

I'm not sure what my ideas will be after reading these slightly edgy books but I do hope they are worth it!

Then maybe I'll treat myself to John Berendt's newer book: The City of Falling Angels (2005) since I so loved Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1993) many many years ago.

Now that I don't have my gardens to play around in, I probably should bury my nose in a book. I have a feeling I'll wind up back with my gardening books and magazines as always!


merc3069 said...

I have the Berendt book (as good as "Midnight...") if you want to borrow. I also have the Loh book on my Amazon wishlist, I'll read that one with you if you'd like?

merc3069 said...

:-) I just put the Loh book on hold at the Twin Hickory library;-)
LOVE the background!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Wow so many suggestions! That Loh book sounds interesting based solely on the title. I'll have to keep it in mind once I have kids of my own :)

Colleen Wms said...

The LOH book was delivered yesterday and I've already started getting some yuks out of it. I shared the bra ball paragraph with a few people already.

The Bobo book arrived today from ebay seller. Can't wait to check that one out too. Maybe I'll read them both at the same time.