Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Days

Friday, December 18 our near historic snow fall began. The snow ended mid evening Saturday. Numbers in the area range from 12-24". It was the most snow we've ever seen in Central VA.
The nandina, or heavenly bamboo, makes for a nice picture in the snow.
The birdbath is stacked high with snow.Fortunately, we picked up 1/4 cord of wood to use in the fire pit to keep warm while tobogganing down the toboggan runs we created on the back hill.
The plumes of the grasses blocking the view of our propane tank give year round interest.

Monday, November 30, 2009

O Tannenbaum Williamsburg and Blog Award!

We made it out to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this past weekend on the second night of their new Christmas Town. It was absolutely wonderful. I do want to go back. Unfortunately my photos weren't so great but they do have a live webcam during park hours 5-10 Fri - Sun through Dec. 27 of the tree O Tannenbaum light show outside of Das Festhaus.

Next winter Christmas garden we intend to visit is Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's Gardenfest of Lights. My post from last year on it is here.

So sweet! I received a Best Blog award from a fellow garden blogger who I have been following for awhile since I found her through Blotanical. Thank you Lona at A Hocking Hill's Garden. She also has A Nature's Scenic View.

The rules are to post the award on your blog along with the name of the person who passed it on to you and a link to their blog. Then be sure to leave them a comment to let them know that they have been chosen. Then choose blogs which you recently discovered and you think are great and pass it on to them.

Some of the other bloggers I want to award this to are:
Marie @ 66 Square Feet
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Now I need to get commenting on their blogs. Come with me!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mommy! Look! It's Winter!

We had a frost warning 2 weeks ago and last night they gave us a freeze warning. There really isn't much left outside anyway since the light frost killed most everything off.
Fortunately, the gaillardia blanket flower are not ready to quit yet (I really like orange, you think?)

and I have a few verbena hanging on

All of my containers are in the garage and some in the house. Last minute yesterday, I brought some old tablecloths outside to cover a few of the hypertufa planters because I was hoping to save a few lantana and geraniums that I hadn't dug out yet. I think it worked. Now I just need to go put them in a moveable pot and onto the garage!
I also grabbed an asparagus fern off of the front porch and hung it on our mistletoe hook
and one of my alstroemeria into the family room. Better get those bad boys back outside today. I haven't debugged them yet and who knows what could be living, ready to hatch in those planters! So this morning, with the light frost on the lawn and car windows, my 4 year old looked outside and said, "look mommy, it's winter!". Only proves the boy is not from the Northeast like his momma.

But it did remind me to pull in the last of my hummingbird feeders since the water in them is frozen and last year I let them stay out long enough to crack.

My salvia are also still hanging on, just enough to feed any silly hummingbirds who think they can survive at this point.

Late season colors

Some more photos from 10 days ago.
The shrub roses are still pretty:
The color of my oranges and lemon gaillardia is still so fun:
Other blanket flowers / gaillardia for some late season color:
The bees are practically frozen to the flowers as they are now so slow from the temperatures:

The front garden is livened up by the new white mum. Not sure if I want it planted there though:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall photos

Some of our goblin gourds from the garden.
Some of the mums I have in bloom year after year. This is probably the first year I was on-time with pinching them of mid summer so they are not all falling over.
Bright yellow orange:
Rust orange:
newly purchased white, not even planted yet:Perennial ornamental cabbage & kale:
I cannot claim ownership of this cute pumpkin hay bale display but it is one of two on a property I pass most every day. Great!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Frost of the Season

The first light frost of the season took with it the coleus, zinnia and cosmos; par for the course. The leaves of the Japanese red bark acer maple are changing color.
It also left many flower buds that were getting ready to open, like this pink Abraham Darby rose, frozen in time. The deep red gladiolus with the yellow center is continuing its bloom.
So yes, all of the tropicals in their containers are living in the garage right now. We handtrucked them in over the past weekend. I will bring some into the house this year once I decide how I will treat the soil to get rid of any potential bug babies.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Continuing the Sunday walk about the garden

Continuing around the side gardens to the front of the house, I spy a white oleander in a container that I brought home from a nursery while vacationing in the Outer Banks this summer. To me, it is totally Ocracoke!
my bougainvillea is totally Texas to me:
I trained it up last summer's obelisk purchase from "The Pottery" in Williamsburg late in the season. Over the winter, I'll prune it up and do a better job but right now it is in full bloom so I'd just as soon leave well enough alone.
a deep purple morning glory that looks like it has a votive candle burning within. I never tire of the perfectly colored and magnificently fragranced pink Abraham Darby rose.
and a very close second with this Livin' Easy apricot orange peach floribunda HARwelcome rose for the same reasons, color and fragrance:
one of the many annual red trumpet vines I plant from seed all around the property for the hummingbirds:
up close and personal:
and then to the west side of the house for the "What is this picture of" segment of the post. I was surfing garden bloggers the other day and stumbled upon a garden ring of this sort where everyone posts pictures for others to guess on. When I find it again, I'll link this to it.

Sunday's early autumn veggie beds

The scarecrow witch is doing a good job watching over the veggie garden beds. Since I put out a few scare dolls, the birds have been leaving the tomatoes alone.
Salad anyone? Bring the mesclun lettuce greens and we're set! Yummy 'maters plum tomatoes:
spicy tasting Nasturtium:
The dew drops and the light look like icicles, but fortunately they are not:
red hot chili peppers: green chili peppers:
Cannot leave the veggie garden without taking a shot of the cosmos blooms:
and one of the lilac lavender hued blue morning glories still hanging around:
These late planted zinnia seeds want time to bloom. Please Mr. Frost, stay away for awhile...

Sunday morning blooms

As all gardeners and photographers know, the morning is such a beautiful time of day to photograph in the garden. I got a few shots around the pool gardens and then the battery pack told me it was hungry. Hmmm...

The cool weather is bringing some colors alive that were scorched in the heat of the summer.

Like the small clump of dahlias:

This red and white bicolor variety of salvia microphylla hot lips that I put in this year:
reminded me of a candy cane stripe, the hummingbirds love the salvia:
The blue plumbago on its second flush of blooms:
The everblooming Gaura whirling butterfly:
My everblooming alstroemeria:
up close:
A delicate pink annual geranium: and its red neighbor:
A few varieties of the perennial back eyed susan rudbeckia big:
and small:And the orange canna lily dew covered and backlit by the morning sun:
Check out the ears on this one ;-)Looking at my canna lily and peruvian lily (alstroemeria), I am realizing why I am not a daylily nut. They bloom for such a short time and my lilies bloom 3 - 4 seasons. The alstroemeria can bloom all winter in the house but I do tend to cut them down to start fresh. I have 2 containers full and they need to be divided again so next year I'll have 4. I want to find someone to trade colors with. I would love a yellow variety next. I need to remember where I got these bulbs from. It was quite a few years back now.