Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gardener's Bliss

Although a gardener's bliss may look like an absolute mess or a real chore to some, this is an exciting day for me. The day I get to fill my porch baskets. It's 84 right now here even though school was closed M-Thursday due to 8+" of snow and ice. Good-bye Winter, Welcome Spring!
I picked up a few plants yesterday at Lowes and Stranges Garden Center. My next garden center trip will have to be Great Big Greenhouse.

I then divided some of the asparagus ferns I picked up at an end of season sale at the Pottery in Williamsburg late Summer last year.

I've been overwintering them in the garage and they did okay!

I love peach coral geranium. I also picked up a new plant for me, a star jasmine. Ooh it smells wonderful. I need to research its eventual size first and decide if I will pot it or plant it but I believe I may use one of my new garden obelisks to support it.

This is one of the three hanging baskets I created for the front porch so far.
I know that I need to keep an eye on the overnight temperatures and bring the inside when they will dip too low. But that's part of my early March fun!

Once it does warm up, these ferns will need to be replaced with my standard calibrachoa / million bells because they excel in the intense sun and heat all summer. I would have bought them but they are not available yet in a size that would do the baskets justice. A few more weeks yet.
The ferns would be scorched and dead in no time if I left them up all summer. I'll move them to the back of the house. For now though, they look great!

Gotta go, more gardening to do!


Becci said...

Those baskets look GREAT!!!

I went ahead and planted some sugar snap peas today (they can tolerate some frost!)

They are saying we may still get one more snow ........while I enjoyed sledding with the kids last week...I'M READY FOR SPRING!!!

HarryJack's Mom said...

Oooh, that does look fun! I'll have to wait for next year to get that much going, but I'm looking for the showy things you mentioned...after next weekend's little temp dip, I'm hoping for a real spring :) Your stuff is looking great!

Missy's Blog said...

Everything looks so pretty ... you have the prettiest yard of anyone I know.

Can you share some advice with a person who definitely doesn't have a green thumb?

If I wanted to plant sunflower seeds ... when should I plant them and where? I loved your sunflowers last year.

Bek said...

Your hanging basket looks great! I am so horrible when it comes to potted plants, that I eventually stopped trying.