Sunday, March 29, 2009

Late March perennial buys

I picked up a few new plants for myself at the Mustard Seed Farm. Click here for her website: It is on Three Chopt Road in Hadensville, Goochland, Louisa. The Phlox divaricata looks so delicate and has a sweet fragrance that sold me on it. I was told it should spread which for me is always a good thing (until it does like creeping jenny but that's another rant!).

I saw a Zebra plant that I couldn't resist. I quickly potted it up into one of the tall hypertufa pots Bill made for me last year. Not sure it will stay there but for now it is happy. I also picked up another bitterroot and put it into an empty planter I had.
I first saw a bitter root at Tuckahoe Plantation garden tour a few years back and planted one. I think it is in the wrong spot. It's not thriving as you can see despite the Grow dam it rock next to it.
I also picked up a small pack of coral, red and white impatiens to be ready to start in my deck baskets once the threat of frost is over.

I also couldn't resist adding another columbine - aquilegia swan pink & yellow. I need more shade!!
That's it for now. The garden cleanup is calling so I can get some of these new and newly divided plants, like the yucca, in the ground! It's supposed to be over 70 today.

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Missy's Blog said...

Warm weather ... gorgeous plants ... oh my spring is almost here!