Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maymont Flower & Garden Show

My daughter and I attended the Maymont Flower and Garden Show Sunday, February 22 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The rest of the family was home recuperating from a nasty bug.

I think she loved the crayons the best.

There were many fountains and water features.

The copper girl with the umbrella fountain was striking.
Many hidden animals.
Animals and water features = FISH!

Fairies and butterflies.
New Hypertufa alpine garden design ideas for us to replicate.
Pretty colors and ideas.

Lavender Iris

Until I find out what this tropical beauty is called, I will call it my Orange Agapanthus - Lily of the Nile. Update--> I just saw this same plant at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and it is a...
Flame Lily - Clivia miniata - South Africa - Amaryllidaceae My post about the trip has an even better photo of the flower.  HERE.Spiraea prunifolia or Bridal Wreath

Overflowing Impatiens Flowering ornamental fruit tress: apple, pear, plum, peach.
The marker reads photina. I don't know. I know a photinia to be a shrub or tree, not this. Anyone know?
We stayed until the end when they tear down the displays and sell every plant on them and picked up a few cute things.
I picked up a pot of the paperwhite narcissus white daffodil with orange centers.I picked up a pot of the red orange tulips. they seem similar to the double peony tulip but not exactly.

I was on the lookout to pick up some primulas and there they were!
They also had a Treasures of King Tut - an Eqyptian Replica Traveling Exhibit. Garden Art?

The boy king's golden throne.King Tut's coffin or sarcophagus
The gold death mask of Tutankhamun

Next year, I may try and plan a trip up to the Philadelphia Flower Show . After attending that year's ago, these garden shows are truly disappointing. A whole different thing. It is going on now, March 1-8. Hmmmm, maybe I could hop on Amtrak this weekend...

I did enter a contest at the show to win a trip to attend the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show in London. Maybe I'll win! That is May 19-23

I also made time to stop in at Richbrau in Shockoe Slip to get a growler of Big Nasty Porter to bring home. Great for the common cold.


HarryJack's Mom said...

OoOh, how fun! I love King Tut :-) a growler, eh? It looks like we may be able to finally welcome Spring, so thanx for the pretty pix!

Missy's Blog said...

Maymont is truly a magical place. I need to take Griffin there ... he would love it too. He loves flowers.

The colors in your pictures are just wonderful.

Spring ... bring it on!

merc3069 said...

I went to the show a few years ago and liked it. I should take Noa when she is older, like Amanda. What a good idea! Your pictures, as always, are wonderful.

blossom said...

Lovely. I guess my daughter will love the crayons, too!

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks for sharing your trip! I didn't attend this year, so especially enjoyed seeing your pictures. Maybe your daughter will inherit the gardening gene!