Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blue & Silver Pinwheel Gardens are Pinwheels for Prevention

My friends and I were moved when we saw the pinwheels for prevention display at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago. It was even mentioned by one that it was such a great idea for schools in the area to get involved. I just loved the look of 3,000 spinners along the lake. We hadn't heard of this before so assumed it was something only being done here.

A few days later, I noticed a blue and silver pinwheel display on the "Main Street" of Goochland. a.k.a. route 6 / River Road West near the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce.

Then, last night we went to a Legend Brewers Tasting Night at Java Jodi's coffee cafe. There they were again! I saw a container full of them on the counter. After asking about them, I bought 1 for each of my kids and this morning decided to Google some information about these windwheels.

I learned that April was declared National Child Abuse Prevention Month back in 1983. The pinwheel is a symbol of hope, health and happiness - what we all desire for children we know and love, and for children everywhere.

There are pinwheel gardens popping up everywhere in the country this month. From what I see advertised in the Richmond area, in addition to the LG display, Virginia Commonwealth University - VCU has about 1,000 in their garden between the business building and student commons, the Children's Museum of Richmond and Reveille Weekday School are planning to participate.

Now I have learned that right here in Goochland Courthouse, we are planting these gardens of hope as well!

The Pinwheels for Prevention National site:
The Virginia Prevent Child Abuse site has a pinwheel section that includes a feature story about the Lewis Ginter display.

As far as the Legend tasting night goes, we got to try some tasty brews. Check out their site;:

The Legend Brown Ale has been our favorite microbrew of theirs. However, we sampled the Dopplebock and decided to buy that last night at Java Jodi's. Legend is a relatively small operation here in Richmond, started in 1994, but just got their bottling line setup and are ready to start producing six packs. Should be in stores by June.

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