Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early June blooms

Offhand, I think the main perennial bloom sequence in the front of the house so far here is crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, trees, roses and peonies, columbine (aquilegia), iris, red hot pokers (torch lily / kniphofia). In the shade garden, the astilbes are just blooming and the hostas should be blooming soon. Of course, there are any number of other little things happening at any one time adding to the mix, like the balloon flowers in the front bed near the Saint Francis bird feeder in Barbara's memory.
As I look at the front garden bed, nothing is really blooming right now. I know the tiger lilies should be blooming soon, the yucca and then I really look forward to the blue agapanthus (african lilies). I wonder what I could add there to be blooming right now? Patience, the lilies should be blooming by the weekend.

The front is where daffodils were, Iris were and now the torch lilies are done. The roses come and go and right now, they are resting.

This is one of my orange daylilies in the back pool garden. I like most any flower with the orange, coral, melon colors, even this daylily that most garden snobs turn their nose up at.
I did succeed in digging up some yellow Iris on Sunday and need to get them divided and planted. That's only a drop in the bucket. I have tons of dark and light purple Iris to go.


HarryJack's Mom said...

Gorgeous, at least the bottom two...I'm not a fan of the red hot poker LOL. Our tiger lillies are just about to pop, a few flowering bushes are out, and a pretty grass that has 'oro' in the name. I'm a lost cause, but enjoying it all the same - come visit and advise me, please!

Janet said...

I like the Kniphofia in a mass planting or as a spire that peeks over the other blooms. Orange isn't always my color in the garden, but that one is just fun!