Friday, June 5, 2009

English Boxwoods Bringing me Joy

I finally purchased 2 dwarf English boxwoods.Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruiticosa' to be exact. A neighbor was assisting a friend with a house tear down job as well as property clean up. He came home with these 2 old solid concrete urn planters that he thought he would use but later decided they just didn't work on his property so they were offered to me. I grabbed my hand truck and wheeled them over to my planting station, my overflowing messy potting bench until I decided where and what I would do with them. Then I was shopping for garden supplies for someone else and I saw these and decided to get two for the planters. I finally found a real reason to buy them. Hooray!

I have always adored them. I remember them in the formal English gardens I visited many years ago and see them on many garden television programs that I have seen. Since moving to Virginia, they seem to be very common on older properties and on the garden and country estate tours I've taken. Personally, I love their aroma. This is my primary reason for wanting them. I was surprised to read that many people find it offensive.

Of course, they are perfect for a formal garden setting, creating parterres, a border for a rose garden and all that. However, that's not in my immediate garden design plans or budget so for now I plan to thoroughly enjoy my 2.
And my car brings me joy since I ordered it new in 2003 so I thought it apropos to include it. Happy Happy Joy Joy...

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Janet said...

i think they look great there Colleen! What a find to have those concrete planters and the boxwood are a perfect plant for them.