Monday, June 22, 2009


The gardenia has been blooming for a little over a week now. I have tried repeatedly to get some decent photographs of it but I guess I need to study up on how to best photograph white. The fragrance is wonderful but the blooms themselves look a bit odd. I've tried to "ignore it" as was suggested to me when I was ready to give up on growing them. I've had no success with planting them in the ground so I finally decided to keep one in a pot last year and it at least lived for a second year.

I also bought my first white rose last week although I have not yet planted it. Not sure what I was thinking besides I wanted one and they didn't have much of a selection and this one looked the healthiest. I had just been reading up on the Iceberg and New Dawn in the Best Garden Plants for Virginia book I checked out of the library. They were the only 2 white roses mentioned in the book so I knew I would be starting with them.

Thinking back to my Planning a Garden Full of White Flowers Only from last year, I have been adding mostly white perennials to my "dogwood garden" and originally pictured a white rose in there. I just don't know if I have the room for this climber and its structure.

The problem, I'm not sure where I want to put it as it is a climber. I need to think of that BEFORE I buy a plant, yes? Especially an investment like this one. I don't just have an extra empty pergola lying around or bags of money to go buy one whenever I feel like it.

I tried a little research to get some ideas of what I could do with it best for my yard and was really impressed with some rose pillars I saw. Specifically this Giverny Rose Umbrella Pillar on Garden Artisan's website HERE. I just checked the price. $599 GULP. Maybe I'll just plant it and hope it doesn't need to be trained up something until next year?

Last summer we finally bought a proper pergola for the wisteria. So far, it hasn't bloomed but I know it takes a few years and I never pruned it so it's a mess! We also have another wisteria that I had tossed in a corner thinking it was dead and it has now intertwined itself in my potting bench and is in desperate need of a structure or a major haircut as well.

This year's project was the grape arbor. We finally bought the materials and constructed it to hold the grape vine off the ground. BTW, notice how I keep saying WE. It's not really ME, it's HE.
Next we need to mix up the fruit spray so the bugs don't get to the grapes before we do.


HarryJack's Mom said...

How amazing it is to see how your garden has grown - thanx for all the beautiful pix and information! GL with the whites!

Janet said...

I think an all white garden would be striking. I love the gardenias and when they are in bloom as they are now, the fragrance it wonderful!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

It is interesting how some flowers are daring that they bare themselves to the sun, worshipping as it were ..... But the white flower is fairly modest, looking down rather demure.

White is best photographed against rather dark background....

have a nice weekend
~ bangchik