Monday, July 20, 2009

Busch Gardens Europe Williamsburg

We visited Busch Gardens Europe Williamsburg Sunday for the second time this year with our Virginia fun passes. We will try to make it back at least once before they expire September 7th.

As you've noticed, I do my best not to post photos of my family on this blog. Just a personal choice. Here are some of the gorgeous planters they have outside a shop in Ireland.

The landscaping and fountains throughout are incredible.
This is Michael the Archangel slaying the demon. The plaque reads:

Medieval France experienced the emergence of a national state and of religious art. Artists whether working in sculpture or art glass, symbolically portrayed the perpetual confrontation of good and evil.
This sculpture depicts Saint Michael as a victorious angel thrusting a spear through an attacking lucifer, who has disguised himself as a winged demon.

I did post some other photos of the park on a post from our Easter trip HERE and I do have an album full of the family on my facebook page for those of you who are friends, go check them out!

The American Bald Eagle. A corporate symbol of Anheuseur Busch since 1872. Eagle Ridge houses a number of birds who were injured, no longer able to fly so cannot be released into the wild.

They brought out a number of other birds as well of which my daughter was absolutely enamored by. My son... not so much.

The Big Bad Wolf. My son's favorite roller coaster.

A tortoise near the Lorikeet Glen aviary and Jack Hanna's Wild Reserve. I believe it is an African Spurred tortoise or a sulcata.

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Janet said...

How fun to see your post on Busch! I love the plantings at this park- they always do such a nice job. I may get up there once this year.....and I live just down the road!