Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tye River in Nelson County & the Brew Ridge Trail

We drove out to Nelson County to visit with some good friends in the beginning of June. They have property right on the Tye River. It is really a beautiful and peaceful spot. The constant sound of the river water is comparable only to the soothing ocean waves at our beach house.
Grandma always said that God's favorite color must have been green. So much of the beauty in the world is green.
Before heading to the land, we met at a relatively new brewpub called Devil's Backbone Brewing Company right near Wintergreen. We sat out on the terrace with amazing mountain views, clean mountain air and great friends. The food was fabulous as well. Even though the patio filled up as did the inside, we were never rushed out and enjoyed our afternoon immensely.
We started by trying a sampler, and I believe I stayed with the Ale of Fergus. We also left with a growler to be refilled on our next visit.

I see they have a Brew Ridge Music and Beer Festival planned for Saturday August 22. We may have to plan a trip out there again that weekend.

With a few brew pubs opening up in the area besides the many wineries, it is getting a name of the Brew Ridge Trail which includes a number of other brew pubs. See HERE Brew Ridge is obviously a play on words with the Blue Ridge Mountains that are visible from the area.

We also need to go to Crabtree Falls once our youngest is a little older and can do the walking.

Of course, once the apples are readyin September and October, we need to make some trips to Flippin-Seaman for some Jona Gold apples. My family just won't eat store bought apples anymore! We missed the strawberries this year but next May, we're there.

Nelson County Life newspaper should help keep me informed.

All this said, we truly are beach people but an occasional trip to the mountains is a real treat.


Janet said...

The river looks nice and cool-- great place to stick your toes in!

HarryJack's Mom said...

That's awesome, and now I'm homesick :-( So glad you guys had fun and found some new faves! Happy week :-)

Missy's Blog said...

What a great river view. We are "mountain" people so this adventure would have been right up our alley.

So glad you had time with your friends and discovered some new favorite things.