Sunday, July 12, 2009

What else is blooming beautiful this week?

I do love my glads. They come back to us every year which was a big surprise at first. I did move some this year and will need to move more because they got taller than I had thought and blocked the view of other smaller plants. They also need staking. But their colors and dependability is what I like. I liken my love of the gladiolus to the same fanaticism I see with daylily aficionados and my gladioli have a very long bloom time and are easier for me to keep looking neat.

The lilies are a very pretty color but I do have a problem with their fragrance. They remind me of the too many viewings I've attended in my life. It's the smell of a the dead in a funeral home's parlor. I may wind up moving them further up the hill in a location where I can see them but rarely am close enough to smell them.

My cleome or spider flowers are a must have annual for me. As I've said in the past, I wish I was successful in getting them to grow from seed so I didn't have to buy them every year. They can be hard for me to find. This year the only place I found some was at the Little Five Azalea farm and it was late in the season so my choice was limited. I always get a few volunteers but they are miniatures.

This is a blackberry lily or leopard lily (belamcanda chinensis). The orange spotted petal are all curled up one minute and then unfurl into a striking dainty perfect flower. Even though it is called a lily, it is actually in the Iris family. That may explain why I decided to put it in a garden that is full of Irises even before I knew what it was?

I am still waiting on the plumeria. Maybe I should go feed them today.


Janet said...

I have lots of blackberry them!

Missy's Blog said...

Thank you for the walk through your garden. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your glads are so pretty. I love the red one with the white in the petals and the hot pink one. I have not grown any for years but I have one that survives the cold winters here and comes back.I always hated staking them but I think they make a sorter glad now so I am tempted to try those. Your lilies are gorgeous.