Monday, August 31, 2009

Fertilizer Friday on Monday?

Yes I was trying to keep up with Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers garden ring (see below for explanation of what this is) but it's now Monday and I'm finally uploading a few shots.

Some yummy maters...

Crape myrtle shrub and cleome thriving in its location...

My favorite color in a reblooming glad...

Give me a minute and I'll remember the name of this white star flower in a container on my front porch...
The bougainvillea is finally blooming! Hooray! ...

Again, I'm trying to keep up with the Fertilizer Friday Garden Ring that Tootsie Time runs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plumeria for my 100th post

I see that this is my 100th post. One of my plumeria plants has been in bloom for almost 2 weeks now. So in honor of that 1st post on November 1, 2007, that included a plumeria blossom, here it is!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers from the Beach!

Beach Front in Kill Devil Hills OBX... Can't live without some flowers even on vacation! At least this time, I brought my own containers filled with soil and just bought some plants. A garden stand I found had 6" potted annuals for $1 each and the oleander for $7. Couldn't beat it. The portulaca variety and the lantana and million bells are great fro the heat here and back home. Hope I can transport them well enough...
I needed a white oleander anyway. I have 2 pink red ones already and ever since we stayed at Captain's Landing in Ocracoke last year, I've needed one ;-)

So here's my Fertilizer Friday post. Go over to Tootsie Time's blog to see what it's all about!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers

Here's my Fertilizer Friday post with pictures I took this morning. It'll have to do. Yesterday was too busy to take pix. Go over to Tootsie Time's blog to see what it's all about!

Tuberose are opening up. Fabulous fragrance.

Comparable in my garden only to the Abraham Darby Rose (struggling through a second flush of blooms),one of the plumeria (buds but no blooms yet) and gardenia (which is done blooming so no pix today).

Back by the pool, my newer purple clematis has a lone flower,

The scabiosa / pincushion flower is reblooming I believe I owe thanks to all the tedious deadheading with a small pair of scissors I did a few weeks back on it.
Yes, the climbing white dawn rose is still in its pot. I realized I could not decide on a permanent home so I am keeping it close to me in the pool so I can carefully tend to it, removing black spot, spraying for thrips and spent blossoms as soon as they appear. It is blooming beautifully and has a wonderful fragrance. It is certainly more subtle than the Abraham Darby but a beauty nonetheless. This is a volunteer cleome / spider flower that I moved from its original pool garden spot up to the dogwood / test garden when it was still small. The test has proven that this is the best place so far for them to grow on my yard. It is thriving while the others I have by the pool seem weak by comparison.
Nasturtium in one of the raised beds of the vegetable garden planted by my daughter next to her goblin egg gourds.

One of my Rose of Sharon shrubs is in bloom. The other is almost there. They are not terribly happy in this spot but they are okay. When we created this garden, I was quick to plant before improving the soil.

And then to the front garden bed where last Fall's ornamental cabbage is already filling back in surrounded by the newer coreopsis variety I have.And the ever present morning glories that self seed year after year. I don't mind them.