Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mother Plumeria has a bloom...

This is the momma plumeria we brought back from our Maui honeymoon over 6 years ago as a stick. I now have many many babies of this plant. Only one of the babies bloomed so far this year. Probably because I only gave them their special fertilizer once. It needs something like a 5-32-5 mix for maximum bloom. Not your normal Miracle Gro ratio.

But finally, Mother Plumeria has a bloom.

That made me think of a new lyric to this song and wondered who could write the whole thing. Any takers? Cyndi? Your prize could be one of the babies...
Instead of "Mother Superior jumped the gun", "Mother Plumeria has a bloom..."

Lennon rules.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

It is just beautiful Coleen!

Janet said...

Good one! Isn't the Plumeria fragrance wonderful!?
Love the song. ;-)

HarryJack's Mom said...

Oh, it's beautiful, and I've been waiting for a few months for the orchid Jack bought me to bloom...there are two babies but I can't get a pic - you are good!

Let's see...everyone has sung that song, huh?

I need a bloom cause summer's almost gone,
Down to the last of the first blooms
We need a bloom from our honeymoon

Mother Plumeria has a bloom
Mother Plumeria has a bloom
Mother Plumeria has a bloom
Mother Plumeria has a bloom
Mother Plumeria has a bloom
Mother Plumeria has a bloom

Tootsie said...

just gorgeous!!! and that is enough said! lol
hope you are well friend

Colleen Wms said...

I do have a strange relationship with music. Although I totally love the melody/tune of many songs, I may not have a clue what all the words are or mean. I this case, thi ssong just popped into my head for no other reason than the tune behind that one lyric matched my title.
With that in mind, I guess I should make sure that the song references I post are not giving anyone the wrong impression of me or my mood, or at least make sure it is understood. I like the songs but not because I have carefully studied them. Make sense?

Janet said...

It is the soundtrack for your life...just embrace the music and don't try to over analyze it.