Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday morning blooms

As all gardeners and photographers know, the morning is such a beautiful time of day to photograph in the garden. I got a few shots around the pool gardens and then the battery pack told me it was hungry. Hmmm...

The cool weather is bringing some colors alive that were scorched in the heat of the summer.

Like the small clump of dahlias:

This red and white bicolor variety of salvia microphylla hot lips that I put in this year:
reminded me of a candy cane stripe, the hummingbirds love the salvia:
The blue plumbago on its second flush of blooms:
The everblooming Gaura whirling butterfly:
My everblooming alstroemeria:
up close:
A delicate pink annual geranium: and its red neighbor:
A few varieties of the perennial back eyed susan rudbeckia big:
and small:And the orange canna lily dew covered and backlit by the morning sun:
Check out the ears on this one ;-)Looking at my canna lily and peruvian lily (alstroemeria), I am realizing why I am not a daylily nut. They bloom for such a short time and my lilies bloom 3 - 4 seasons. The alstroemeria can bloom all winter in the house but I do tend to cut them down to start fresh. I have 2 containers full and they need to be divided again so next year I'll have 4. I want to find someone to trade colors with. I would love a yellow variety next. I need to remember where I got these bulbs from. It was quite a few years back now.


Liz said...

Lovely photos!

So much colour left in your garden :)

HarryJack's Mom said...

Amazing shots - you were really on a roll (I'm going backward). I'm going to steal the color of blue plumbago for some room in the new house - thank you! Also, I have some yellow daylillies that have done great all summer, but I think you were saying they are gone too soon...which is why I usually don't like them either. You've inspired me to try an alstro at some point :-)