Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday's early autumn veggie beds

The scarecrow witch is doing a good job watching over the veggie garden beds. Since I put out a few scare dolls, the birds have been leaving the tomatoes alone.
Salad anyone? Bring the mesclun lettuce greens and we're set! Yummy 'maters plum tomatoes:
spicy tasting Nasturtium:
The dew drops and the light look like icicles, but fortunately they are not:
red hot chili peppers: green chili peppers:
Cannot leave the veggie garden without taking a shot of the cosmos blooms:
and one of the lilac lavender hued blue morning glories still hanging around:
These late planted zinnia seeds want time to bloom. Please Mr. Frost, stay away for awhile...


azplantlady said...

What a friendly looking scarecrow. Your vegetable look great. I especially liked the photos of the frost. Thank you for sharing!

HarryJack's Mom said...

Gorgeous pix - only you could make a spider web look that beautifully yummy ;-) Now, what's Bill going to make with all the great veggies?? Happy Fall!