Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mommy! Look! It's Winter!

We had a frost warning 2 weeks ago and last night they gave us a freeze warning. There really isn't much left outside anyway since the light frost killed most everything off.
Fortunately, the gaillardia blanket flower are not ready to quit yet (I really like orange, you think?)

and I have a few verbena hanging on

All of my containers are in the garage and some in the house. Last minute yesterday, I brought some old tablecloths outside to cover a few of the hypertufa planters because I was hoping to save a few lantana and geraniums that I hadn't dug out yet. I think it worked. Now I just need to go put them in a moveable pot and onto the garage!
I also grabbed an asparagus fern off of the front porch and hung it on our mistletoe hook
and one of my alstroemeria into the family room. Better get those bad boys back outside today. I haven't debugged them yet and who knows what could be living, ready to hatch in those planters! So this morning, with the light frost on the lawn and car windows, my 4 year old looked outside and said, "look mommy, it's winter!". Only proves the boy is not from the Northeast like his momma.

But it did remind me to pull in the last of my hummingbird feeders since the water in them is frozen and last year I let them stay out long enough to crack.

My salvia are also still hanging on, just enough to feed any silly hummingbirds who think they can survive at this point.


HarryJack's Mom said...

Ouch, I hope something is still salvageable from my little efforts - thanx for the reminder!

Janet said...

It is amazing to see how hardy some of our outdoor plants are!

Becca's Dirt said...

You still have some pretty blooms there. Stay warm.

Jeanne said...

My gaillardia is blooming along despite a couple of frosts too. I thought it was a micro climate, but now I think it's just one iron tough plant. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your verbena is still so pretty and I love the fern in you home.
Colleen, I have a "Best Blog" award for you on my blog. There is no pressure to participate though. I know some people do not have the time or just do not accept awards.
Congratulations you deserve It!