Friday, January 29, 2010

Master Gardening classes have begun for me!

I started my Master Gardening classes last week. Today was the 4th class. These are a few pictures of the flowers we cut up in our 2nd class on Botany last week. 
 alstroemeria - peruvian lilies - as we know, one of my favorites but I only have pink here at home.

Which are blooming beautifully in the house right now. Another one is resting in the garage.
  I'll post more information as I have time. I'm sure it will help me retain all of the interesting and valuable information I am learning.


Christine B. said...

I remember my MG class experience very fondly. The people I met in the class were such fun, and great gardening inspirations. I had to step outside my comfort zone to share gardening with others as the MG class encourages us to do, but I am so glad I did! I gave my first MG presentation at their monthly meeting last year...something I never could have imagined without the confidence the class gave me. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

Christine in Alaska

HarryJack's Mom said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you're taking those classes, tho I did flinch when I read that you 'cut up' the flowers. Maybe in years to come I'll follow your lead ;-) Don't forget, there's a great property with lots of natural lovelies, if your class ever wants to take a field trip (or buy a house)

Janet said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your classes! It has been 12 years now since I took my classes. I wonder if you will have any of the same instructors that we have in York county?