Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Grammys

The Grammys

I went on-line and filled up my Amazon shopping cart. Luddite perhaps but I'm not one to download music to an MP3 player. I play cd's in my car and sometimes in the house.  Old school perhaps but I want to make sure the artist gets their due if that's possible. I do stream live radio as well but typically from radio stations I am already familiar with, like 98.9 Liberty WWLB.  

Yes, I was thrilled to see Stevie Nicks singing on stage with Taylor Swift. Stevie Nicks is a rock goddess. End of story. I wasn't terribly impressed with HER, unlike every review I read. Even though, personally, I'd buy any Fleetwood Mac or solo album like Bella Donna before buying a Taylor Swift album. But that's me.  All of the reviews I read killed all or most of Taylor Swift's Grammy performances although she did win 4 Grammy's and certainly has a very bright future before her.  

I did some quick research to verify some things and she did more than write all of the songs on her record, she at 17, became the youngest person to single-handedly write and sing a #1 country hit entirely on her own. That alone is super impressive to me but the list goes on and on of all the records she's broken.

Come on. She's a country artist. Could not be cuter. She only just turned 20. And she has some powerful voice. She will be around as long as she wants to be. So know it off with all those negative comments on her.

Okay. Off my soapbox now.

Let's move on to PINK. WOW! What a voice! What a performance! What an artist!  Class act. Yes, she has raised the bar for them all. A must see. I am so glad I did not miss it in HD live on TV Sunday night. There are many versions on the Internet. Here's one of many. Maybe you find a better one, let me know.

- OR another - 

Since I did add her latest album (cd actually) to my shopping cart, it's a perfect time to bring this up. I am thrilled that artists put out clean edit versions of their cd's.

Pink's Funhouse is an example.  It is $2 more but I can listen to it in the car with my kids and not have to hear any profanities repeated. Personally, I'm not offended. I know "it is what it is" and I guess I just don't even hear it anymore. However, I cannot in good conscience expose them to it if I can help it. 

Another example, when my daughter was just a baby, I had the regular 50 cent cd "Get Rich or Die Trying" that had explicit lyrics. It didn't really faze me and there were some of his songs being played on NY/NJ pop radio that I really liked. Then as she got a little older, I went ahead and bought the clean edit and sold the other. Probably on eBay or Amazon. Again, it's more, $4 more. But worth it.

Back to the Grammys.
Michael Jackson. Lionel Richie introduced this film that was shown to the audience and tv viewers.  They asked that you put your 3-D glasses. Thanks to the 1st 2010 Lego magazine's issue, they included 3D glasses for the Lego Atlantis. They worked just fine.

Although some of the greatest, most gifted artists of today sang the song: Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson & Smokey Robinson, when they integrated his voice into the mix, there was no compare. It sounded like the others were amateurs a la American Idol.
Michael Jackson's Earth Song:

Again... WOW! Then when Price Michael and Paris spoke on stage. Tears tears tears. Had to stop the DVR until another day.

Then there was DMB (or the Dave Matthews band for the uninitiated.) This was there first appearance on the Grammy's. Even though I believe I only own Stand Up from 2005, they are phenomenal. Plus I feel the loyalty now to stick by a locally formed band. They are out of Charlottesville and I hear they mostly all live and record in and around Albemarle county.
I need to add another of their cd's to my collection now for sure.

And yes, I did not mention Lady Gaga until now. Why? I'm just not a fan. Surprising to some but it's true.

I was thrilled to see Sir Elton John, albeit with her. He's amazing to me.

And Beyonce, she's a true superstar and outstanding performer as always.  
So even though I've seen bits and pieces as it's been on in the background, I'll need to hold off on my Amazon order and continuing this blog post until I get to watch the rest. 

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Janet said...

Thanks for watching and reviewing. I saw Pink do her thing on the trapeze --that was amazing. Taylor Swift is cute and can sing, she is ok. Bonnie Raitt is tops in my book.
Saw Lady Gaga with Elton and don't think she has a very strong voice. More glitz than voice.
I am such an out of the main stream audiophile....mine aren't usually part of the Grammys.
Just got Patty Griffin's 'Downtown Church'-- saw her with Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller last spring. Great concert.
Ah music, what a topic. thanks Colleen.