Friday, March 5, 2010

Mimi called me out to look for crocus...

I glanced over at the butterfly garden and saw that Mimi's grave has started to bloom. I went in for my camera and walked around scouting for more. Here's what I found before I just got way too cold! 
These are planted near the swingset. I had planted crocus bulbs around the perimeter of the swingset a few years back and these 2 are up now.
The hellebores Pink Beauty Lenten Rose is full of buds. It will be spectacular shortly. I guess I should clean it up a bit. What do you think ;-) 
This wimpy white one is near the front downspout. Surprised the poor bulb didn't drown with all that snow that melted on top of it this year. 
These purple ones are to the right of the front porch stairs. They should be  open by tomorrow. 

These 2 are at the mailbox. They were in fact the first 2 I noticed he other day.  I think the others drowned. It's rather wet down there.  

And yes, I do rush the season. But in this case, besides the fact that the season should have started a month ago, these were on sale when I was at Strange's the other day so I picked them up to be prepared for the first chance I get to pretty up the school container pots and my mailbox.  That may be this weekend!
And don't forget:
Refrigerator magnet purchased at Magnet Madness, a store in New Hope, PA when we were up there in November of 2008.  Not sure if they are still open.

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Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Colleen> Just look at spring showing off in your garden. Those little yellow crocus sure perk one up.
Have a wonderful weekend!