Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Yes! My pictures were published in one of the weekly local papers. The Central Virginian, formerly the Goochland Courier.  I gave them permission to reprint my blog post pictures and they did! Goochland High School stages "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". Unfortunately, they even printed my misspelling os Schroeder. Nut hey, whose counting?

Director: Gemma Smith
Technical Director: Michael Jarvis
Choreographer: Susan Doczi
Student Director: Tori Gregory
Stage Manager: Annelle Cleveland
Charlie Brown played by Stephen Woodson.Lucy and Sally, played by Harli Engel and Julia Trongone. Will Sompayrac as Linus. Michael Massie as Snoopy. Ashby Neterer as Schroeder. Carrie Bullard as Woodstock.

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Congratulations Colleen!