Sunday, March 21, 2010

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown GHS Spring 2010 Production

Goochland High School Presents You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. Friday March 19 7pm, Saturday, March 20 7pm and Sunday, March 21 at 2:30

Charlie Brown played by Stephen Woodson.
Lucy and Sally, played by Harli Engel and Julia Trongone, were phenomenal. 
Will Sompayrac as Linus.
Michael Massie as Snoopy performing the "Red Baron".
Ashby Neterer as Schroeder.
Carrie Bullard as Woodstock.
The entire cast and crew showed such dedication to their craft.
"The Baseball Game"
Miss Trongone and her pink polka dotted dress and curls.
Taking a Well Deserved Bow to a standing ovation from the audience.
Thank you Inez for dedicating your time and expertise in sewing 11 of the costume dresses for the production.  There's no one like you.  
Director: Gemma Smith
Technical Director: Michael Jarvis
Choreographer: Susan Doczi
Student Director: Tori Gregory
Stage Manager: Annelle Cleveland
Madalyn Carter   Samantha Hightower   Devin Thompson
Diana Graziosi     Jason Howell              Haley Thompson
Jalen Gregory      Madelynn Hyman        Julie Vogel
Sara Hardy         Nastacia Nickolaou      Maddie Wright
Mary Salon         Ryan Querry

I apologize for not having the best photos of them all and not listing the entire crew by name. It was an awesome show and you can still catch the final show if you get out now and support local theater!

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Gemma said...

Thanks so much for plugging us on your blog!! Glad you enjoyed the show - if it's ok, I'd like to use a couple of these pictures on the GHS theater blog as well?

- Gemma Smith