Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Did I tell you I like orange?

Red Hot Pokers / Torch Lily / Kniphofia
 With their Yucca companions
Didn't I tell you... EVERYWHERE. I divided a HUGE plant last year and spread it around. Want some?

Oriental Lily

Gaillardia blanket flower with our copper fountain that we bought with a gift card given to us as a wedding gift for Plow and Hearth almost 9 years ago along with a matching bird feeder. Thanks JMD.

I know some people consider this a swamp daylily but I like it. 
Some of the random hollyhock seeds I spread around last year from the mommy plant are coming up. Maybe I should have planned there location better.

And another

One of my pink Astilbe (one of MANY plants that need dividing!!)
Inez has some deeper colors in her garden. Guess we'll need to divide and share. 

Speaking of Inez. This is her newest raised bed garden my hard working neighbor built for her. It's gorgeous!
She had it planted up the day after he filled it with soil. She's ready for another!
Bill's Vegetable Garden and compost bin expansion is underway... A few unexpected out of town trips have set us back in outdoor time this Spring so now we need to make up for it or just have late produce!

Grow where you are planted. 

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