Sunday, September 19, 2010

September harvest

The September skies are perfect blue and the butterflies are still loving the butterfly bush.  Last week we had what seemed to be a swarm of monarchs. It was amazing. We debated as to whether they all just hatched near our house or if they were on their journey. Their wings were perfect which led us to believe they were born on our property. 

1st pot of homemade tomato sauce of the season! We were very late in planting or veggies this year. For a number of reasons. Fortunately, with the long summer seasonal temperatures, that was okay! The tomatoes are coming in now and our veal parmesan dinner that I cooked with Bill's sauce was absolutely delicious!

This lantana was a surprise this year.  I've noticed it growing from behind one of the a/c units and could not believe that it had seeded itself back there of all places. Finally today I checked its bottom and found that it truly was in a pot that I had stored back there last winter to protect it from the cold and forgot about. Now of course the roots have the pot attached to the ground so I need to decide if that's its new home or if I should try to get back there and dig it up.

I didn't get to as much gardening this year as usual. I did too much in the late Spring and wound up with tennis elbow, or in my case gardeners elbow. I was unable to do anything major with my left arm for most of the summer while I went to physical therapy. It is mostly on the mend now and I need to do my best to keep it rested until next season so it totally heals.  That means that a bunch of my container plants that desperately need dividing and repotting may need to wait.  

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