Friday, February 24, 2012

Birds of paradise

The weather forecasters say it'll hit 80 today. That's something!

We knew spring came early this year because of the American woodcock mating dance we've witnessed and now the Spring peepers are blaring every night. I found this website that explains the woodcock and its dance as well as its whistle dance sound. It's great:

Our bird of paradise plant has finally bloomed. after 10 1/2 years after being brought back from our honeymoon in Maui, it is blooming beautifully. I only hope that it is not like the 40-50 year Haleakala silver sword and this is its only time in the sun and then a sure death.

I'm quite sure that we purchased it, our plumeria cuttings, tuberose, and dwarf schefflera lava planting at Dan's Greenhouse in Lahaina. They've traveled far... from HI to NJ to VA and still going strong.

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