Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Madness

March Madness was full swing around these parts with VCU once again in it for a short while. 

Speaking of madness, we had a freeze warning last night and had to cart all the containers into the garage. Especially those 2 hanging baskets I picked up the other day. After a string of 80 degree days, it may have reached 30 last night.

The pollen is thick in the air, I saw a swallowtail butterfly 2 days ago, a blue tailed lizard skink, and a few caterpillars.  The bluebirds have been busy building nests, picking at the coco liner of my deck baskets that haven't been filled for the season yet.

The weeds have taken over the pool gardens. While the daffodils are peeking through the mess, and the Iris are getting ready to shine in a few weeks, I wonder how I will manage that chaos. It is sad.  I did dig up some huge yucca from the front garden beds, divided them somewhat and laid them outside the pool fence. Not sure if they'll make it back into the ground or if they're just waiting to be thrown in the woods. They are insane. From the one 4" pot we brought down from Monmouth Junction, that had been a piece of the plants transplanted from Edison, I could plant one in every house in our development right now. It'd be okay if they didn't expand exponentially within a year or two and need digging up again.

My son was sad last week when all of the front yard daffodils faded. That hot sun took the life out of them. I have some annuals ready for the tufa pots and deck baskets around back. Looking forward to adding some color.  Sweet potato varieties, geranium and verbena. Start their trailing in the full hot sun now and they'll be spectacular by the time we are outside to enjoy them. Need to get the red outside to welcome the hummingbirds back. They should be arriving very soon. 

Remind me... I need to post some pictures for my last few posts!        

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