Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day

This past week has had record highs, close to 90. This brings an end to the bright yellow daffodils, they are fading fast. The plum, willow, pear and star magnolia trees peaked this week and are now coming into their leaves. The quince is spectacular, for the first time that I can remember. It must know that I  intend to prune it back to a stump this year after blooming. It is such a nasty eyesore 50 weeks / year.  It is reminding me now why I planted it.

I wanted to buy 2-3 hanging baskets this week but deferred to prudent spending with my daughter's birthday bash this weekend, Elton John and Madonna concert ticket purchases and an expensive vacation coming up soon.  Not to mention some expensive car service bills now and coming up. Actually, I just ran out of time while in town. But they just seem incredibly pricy. I will get calibrachoa, million bells and training verbena. They thrive in the hot sun of my front porch and the hummingbirds love them.  The hummingbirds should be here in a few weeks, always by April 15.   I'm happy to buy small plants, plant up my coconut lined baskets and wait for them to fill out to save money and allow me to create my own designs. However, it is sometimes more difficult to even find smaller plants these days at the nurseries. I'll have my own greenhouse someday right?  

I did move most all of my large containers outside.  I think they should be able to stay there now until October. I must make time this year to transplant most of them. They are all busting out of their pots.  One bird of paradise bloom is almost spent and 2 more are ready to open. I realized that not only is this the first time it bloomed since we brought in back from Hawaii almost 11 years ago, but I had forgotten what the plant was for many years and was waiting for a bloom to find out!   

The hint blush of the wild redbuds greeted us this week along the roadways too. I haven't seen our planted redbud start yet but it is typically late. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy the last few days of Winter! I hear spring is coming Tuesday even though it's already been summer weather here. 

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