Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Heralds

More signs of the early Spring!

The star magnolia on Fairgrounds at the entrance of Fair Woods development has been in bloom for a few days now. It may last 2 weeks at the most but it sure is another herald of spring in these parts.   Between the location of this specimen and seeing it at a Maymont Garden show years past, I did buy and plant one a few years ago. It blooms beautifully but later than the others I see. It is still young.

I think I said in my last post that the willow tree in the front yard is dripping with its tiny green pearls. The leaf buds are filling out. My son says they are super mini corn stalks.

The pear trees... today was the first day I noticed a hint of color from the second floor windows. Wow. I hope they have a great display this year.   

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